Vincent (down_w_big_bro) wrote,

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The 300 was one of the stupidest movies I've ever seen. It ran the gamut of bad movies from monster flick to softcore porn. Ew.

I retract the first statement. There were some cool scenes. Xerxces was deffinately done well. The majority of the movie was bearable, but it was still pretty dumb.
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hey, is there a story behind your name?
vincent is my favorite name.
Vincenza Paula was my great-grandmother, who raised my grandfather and his sister alone after my great grandfather and three of her kids died. So I was named Vincent Paul.
fuck you
Also, their portrayal of human nipples was rampantly innacurate.
i loved 300! i could watch it two times in a row i bet and not be bored. anyway i'm going to need your address on account of my wanting to send you something special.
I didn't say it was boring, just really cheesy. Which is alright, I guess.